I graduated from the  University of Wales Trinity St. David in 2022 with a degree in Contemporary Glass. My work is often emotional and deeply personal but I can work to a brief.  I am an artist that is inspired by how I am feeling on the day. The colours I use are completely influenced by my mental state and are used abstractly. This allows me to create unique pieces of work that invite the viewer to delve deeper and are personal. I like to express emotion in my work and create art that engages a response, whether that be a pleasant or a more thought-provoking one. I want people to experience the freedom I feel when immersed in my work and yet understand the emotional pain I feel daily. When at my lowest and feeling suicidal I am drawn to black and redwork, whereas when I feel less burdened with depression I love working with turquoise and purple. I want my work to express my values as a designer such as curiosity, integrity and Meraki (“When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do”).  I believe glass is an excellent medium to portray this as it can be fabricated into virtually anything one’s heart desires. I am particularly interested in texture and how this can give a sense of movement to a static piece.
 My current work focuses on representing my emotions and mental health experience, through colour, texture, and form. The work shows a contrast between the different sides of my personality using glass colours to represent different aspects of mental health and emotions. The texture of the glass signifies uncomfortable feelings through rough, matt qualities in contrast to more positive pieces that are glossy and smooth. They are formed into small, delicate spirals and curves. The spirals can be seen as representing a downward spiral in the darker side or represent the path leading from outer consciousness to the inner soul, in the lighter pieces.

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